Monday, 15 January 2018

Great weather :)

2018 Querença Sausage Festival

The 2018 Querença Chorizo Festival will take place on Sunday, 21st January.

It is a festival in honour of St. Luis (the protector of animals).

Traditionally the families in inland Algarve raised a pig to sustain themselves through the year and asked St. Luis to keep it in good health. To thank the saint they offer their best homemade chorizo.

The festival includes a procession, musical entertainment and, of course, lots of homemade chorizo!

This event will include a procession, tastings of grilled sausages and lots of music.

Theme Buffets

Celebrate with Us

Armação de Pêra Bridge in the Holiday Inn Algarve

Armação de Pêra Bridge in the Holiday Inn Algarve

 Every Saturday Afternoon - Starting time is 1:45pm. All Welcome 

 For more infomation please contact Mary - 962585622

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Classic Cars

Our thanks to Diogo Correia for sending us these superb photos taken at the this months Classic Car get together on 7th January, 2018.